Paris – Day One

Following on from my previous blog post, I’ve put together a guide of what I got up to in Paris over four days, starting with day one – here goes…

After catching the early morning Eurostar from London, we arrived nice and early to Paris with the rest of the day ahead of us to start exploring.
We checked-in to our hotel, Sofitel La Defense, before midday and then headed out with cameras in hand to explore….Travel blog Paris - 02Travel blog - Paris 01Firstly, we headed to the Jardin de Luxembourg.
This central park is huge and is the perfect place to wander around, have a French baquette picnic or just a Parisian snooze under a tree….
Paris 051 Paris 013 Paris 014 Paris 015 Paris 018 Paris 024 Paris 026 Paris 028 Paris 029 Paris 040 Paris 046With our stomachs rumbling, we decided it was time to try out some French delicacies.
We wandered down the streets around the park and came across this quaint bakery where we stocked up on baquettes (hey, it’s France!) and macaroons before returning to the park for a little picnic…
Paris 036 Paris 037 Paris 045Fueled up for the afternoon, we wandered around the beautiful streets of St-Germain as we walked towards the Seine….
Paris 052 Paris 053 Paris 054The sun started peering through the clouds as we strolled along the Seine to Notre Dame…
Paris 058 Paris 062Paris 080 Paris 081We then explored my favourite part of Paris – the two iles, which are located just behind the Notre Dame.
Unfortunately, rain stopped play for a bit so there was nothing left for us to do but head for cover in this little wine bar, Sorza.
This bar is located on the ultimate foodie street in Paris, Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, which is lined with cheese and wine shops, ice cream parlours and wine bars – careful, you could easily spend a whole afternoon on this street alone!
Paris 070 Paris 072 Paris 069The sun quickly reappeared and we headed to underneath Pont Neuf to watch the boats go by…
Paris 083 Paris 084 Paris 087 Paris 086 Paris 088 Paris 090
The Eiffel Tower is by far one of the most famous sights in the world and, embarrassingly, I had never been there before.
We headed over around 4pm to make sure we saw the views from daylight through to the evening when the tower is lit up with sparkling lights and lasers…
Paris 097 Paris 099 Paris 103 Paris 106 Paris 115 Paris 125 Paris 130 Paris 136 Paris 142 Paris 149We dived in to a nearby bistro after for some more French wine and foie gras and prepared for another jam-packed second day in Paris.

To be continued…..


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