Birthday in Bath – Part 1.

Last week was my birthday.
As it’s only weeks until the big move to Singapore, I spent it at home with my favourite people where I was spoilt to a weekend in the West Country
Firstly, I was whisked away to Bath Spa for a weekend of overindulging and relaxation at the famous spa.Singapuresling.jpg

AJWe arrived mid-afternoon and stopped off for some afternoon tea at Sally Lunn’s tea houseSally Lunn's House.jpg

DSC03074Sally Lunn’s house is the oldest in Bath and a big hit with tourists with queues often out the door and in the cobbled street.
It’s quaint and typically English and the ultimate place for foodies – for the famous Sally Lunn bun alone…….Sally Lunn bunThey are huuuuuge and this is only half a bun!
The recipe to make a Sally Lunn bun is a secret but it’s a cross between a crumpet, bread and cake and is served with sweet or savoury toppings – I went for almond butter washed down with some peppermint tea.

After an afternoon of wandering around the little streets and the magnificent Abbey we headed for a twilight spa session at Thermae Bath Spa.
The rooftop heated pool is great during the twilight session as it’s all lit up and looks over the lights of Bath, as well as the Abbey.

We then hit the town….DSC03085 prosecco DSC03090

DSC03091Dinner was at Jamie’s Italian in Bath.
Day and night, Jamie’s Italian restaurants are always packed – probably because you know you are always guaranteed a great meal!


Jamie's Italian

DSC03096I went for salmon with roasted veg….


….AJ went for the more manly giant meatballDSC03098



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