From Chanel With Love

Last week I was treated to the ultimate makeup masterclass at Chanel. Obviously it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse and I learnt so so much.

Chanel makeup is the epitomy of grown-up chic mixed with everyday glamour and my love for it is something I have definitely inherited from my Mum. I remember as a child sneaking her favourite coral red lipstick out of her makeup bag and plastering my lips with it.

Over time my own collection of Chanel cosmetic products has gradually grown and each new range they launch just gets better and better.Chanel make-up - 01

I personally prefer to keep my makeup as simple as possible. For me it’s more about using makeup to create an even skin tone and a natural healthy glow and, if possible, to end up looking like the below!Chanel make-up - 02I was in Chanel heaven!Chanel make-up - 03

Chanel make-up - 04

The main reason for my personal makeup session was to try out their highly acclaimed Perfection Lumiere foundation – the new replacement for my trusty Teint Innocence which was discontinued.

It’s a lightweight fluid which creates a silky light-matt finish that magically evens out the skin. Chanel have cleverly created two ranges of the foundation – one for those with a more yellow-base skin tone, like myself, and another for the typical English rose with a more pink-tinted base. And trust me, it’s amazing!

The liquid formula creates an instant glow and is the perfect base to add bronzer and blusher to – it’s so good, people think I’ve been away!

For best results, apply with a foundation brush rather than fingers.A lighter shade of concealer was then applied in an upside down v-shape under the eyes and blended in. This gets rid of dark circles and lights the eyes up.

I was then presented with the must-have skin product for those with pale skin like myself – the Moisturising Bronzing Powder.

I’ve always stayed away from using any bronzing product in the past due to the fear of looking like an oompa lumpa but this is perfect, creating an instant sun kissed glow.

This is best applied on top of foundation with a long haired brush. To create maximum impact, the bronzer needs to be focused on the areas of your face that instantly catch the light.

To do this, use the brush to draw the shape of a number 3 on the right hand side of your face and then copied on the left but creating a back to front number 3, more like a letter E.

Start from above the brow and in one continuous sweep go under the eye and then carry on to under the lips (as if writing a number 3 on your face). Then put a little bit under the chin. Extenuate your cheek bones by applying a rose tint on the apples of your cheeks.

The look was finished with some fierce smoky eyes (these were so technical and took ages to create that they will have their own blog post dedicated to them soon) and the fantastic Rouge Coco Shine. This a lipstick that creates a non-stick lipgloss effect – aka a lipshine.

I’ve never used a lip product like this before and it’s perfect to glam up a daytime look.

And, of course, I left with a white bag of goodies!



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